Decaf specialists.

The best in flavour, without the caffeine.

Decaf specialists.

I quit caffeine for better sleep and less crashes. Maybe you did too — or maybe for less mind fog, for less mental dips, or some other reason. We believe coffee can still be exciting even without the caffeine. And we want the BEST decaf - organic, and decaffeinated using water, not chemicals.

Dismayed at the poor selection of (mostly stale) decaf products in supermarkets, we set out to bring you the best decaf coffee available — in one central place.

Welcome to decaf Dino, Australia's FIRST decaf specialist store.

Decaf Dino
Mexican Mountain Decaf
Our premium home blend. From the mountains of Mexico, these mountain-water decaf beans bring you a full, delicious flavour with a smooth finish.
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Coffee Hero
Mountain Water Decaf
Premium medium-roast decaf coffee from the mountains of Colombia. Experience notes of milk chocolate, vibrant citrus and a sweeter finish.

No BS.

No Chemicals.

All our products are decaffeinated using water methods, such as Swiss-Water and Mountain Water.

This not only tastes better, but saves you from harmful chemicals used by some companies in their decaffeination methods.

Keep it clean and healthy by buying only the best quality decaf.

Decaf Brands: The best of the best

Why Decaf Dino?

Decaf Specialists

We only sell decaf products. That's why we've searched high and low to bring you the best of the best... the most exciting and the most delicious, straight to your door.

No chemicals

There's decaf... and there's decaf. Some companies use chemicals to decaffeinate their coffee. All our products are decaffeinated using no-chemical water methods.

Speedy Shipping

Get 'em fresh. We ship all our orders from within Australia and within 48 hours to guarantee freshness in every cup. Because there ain't nothin' worse than old coffee.