Why drink decaf? Some serious reasons to consider making the switch.

Why drink decaf?

It's a valid question, and one which many people are asking.  Here's an image we created which distills down what we think are some of the most attractive things about removing or reducing caffeine:

Why drink decaf? Benefits of drinking decaf

  • Better sleep - don't let caffeine affect your all-important slumber
  • Avoid jitters and crashes - no 3pm nap required
  • Less "monkey mind" - when your brain won't stop running
  • More sustained energy, rather than a big boost and then a sudden drop
  • Drink coffee at any time of the day... without worrying about sleep, energy levels or the impact it might have on your evening
  • Mental health - some people find that removing (or reducing) caffeine can help reduce stress and anxiety

... all while still enjoying the delicious, satisfying, comforting taste and texture of coffee.

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