5 Reasons More Coffee Lovers Are Switching To Decaf

Feeling the need to decaf? You're not alone.  More and more coffee lovers are switching to decaf - even if it's just some of the time - and there are many reasons why over 80% of Australian cafés now serve brews minus the kicker.

Here are a few reasons why more aussies are going decaf:

  1. Avoid the jitters
    If you're a coffee lover (like me), you've likely suffered from 'jitters' at some point if you've drunk too much coffee -- you feel a bit shaky, you feel on edge, your hands might shake, and physically you just feel 'off'.

    With decaf coffee, you get to enjoy the taste, social atmosphere and texture of coffee drinking, but without the caffeine, which is what causes the jitters.

  2. Better sleep
    Caffeine's half-life is around 6 hours, which means it stays in your system for a loooong time, only going down by 50% every 6 hours.  Drinking coffee after midday is generally not the best idea if you're at all sensitive to caffeine (like me).  Even when drunk in the morning, it'll take until the following day's afternoon to leave your system -- assuming you don't drink any additional coffee.

    These days I prefer to drink decaf to still enjoy the coffee experience, without having to worry about whether it'll affect my sleep. 

  3. Less "monkey mind"
    One main reason I drastically reduced my caffeine was to stop 'monkey mind', where the mind races and sometimes can't be stopped. I'd often lie awake or find it difficult to relax.  Reducing caffeine has helped significantly with slowing down and not getting caught up in thought loops. 

  4. Ditching the crash
    The dreaded 'afternoon crash' is a hard thing to deal with on a regular basis.  You know, when you drink coffee in the morning and then, after lunch at around 2-3pm, comes the 'down' where everything feels harder, the body and mind are slugging, and you want to go to sleep.

    Drinking decaf (morning or whenever) means less of a 'high' when drinking the coffee, but WAY less of a low when it starts to wear off.

  5. Anytime drinking
    Adding on to points 1-4 above... not having to worry about caffeine affecting sleep, causing crashes, causing endless thought loops / monkey mind and other side effects of caffeine, means you can drink decaf any time.  Fancy an afternoon brew? Go right ahead.  

    As I love coffee, I like not having to worry about the time of day when I drink it.  I still drink mostly in the mornings, but it's nice not to have to think too hard about the time of day specifically, nor the consequences of that delicious cup.

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