Decaf Coffee


Decaffeinated coffee, available Australia-wide.  We aim to bring you a highly curated selection of chemical-free, water-treated, delicious decaf coffee in Australia.   The benefits of drinking decaf coffee are many: better sleep, avoiding crashes, ability to drink coffee at any time of the day, and more.  But if you're switching to decaf, how do you keep things interesting?

That's what we aim to help with.  Having switched to decaf some time ago for the wide range of benefits of drinking decaf, we still love coffee... but found it difficult to source delicious decaf coffee that still tastes great.  The quality and range of decaf coffee in supermarkets was underwhelming, to say the least.

So we began the search for high-quality decaf coffee that delivers flavour, while avoiding caffeine.  In addition to this, we learned about the many ways of taking out caffeine from coffee -- many of which involve chemicals. We don't want any of those nasties, which is why we only bring you decaffeinated coffee using Swiss Water, Mountain Water and other chemical free decaffeination methods

At Decaf Dino, you'll find a highly specialised and carefully curated range of delicious, chemical-free decaf coffee products all in one place. We specialise in decaf.  In fact, decaf is all we sell.  No more needing to search at the supermarket, amongst dozens of coffee, for that one small bag of decaf they might be selling.  Nor to scroll through lots of different online shops to find the 1 or 2 decaf products they happen to have on hand.

Instead, you can browse our selection -- and try different products -- to see what you like and discover new flavours, new styles and new ways to keep coffee interesting while avoiding caffeine.  From world-famous Colombian beans, through to locally-roasted Sunshine Coast beans, ground coffee to suit your home style (or café) and more, we hope you'll find an exciting range of decaf items at Decaf Dino.